Improve your health, NATURALLY


Dr. Katie Reinholtz is a Naturopathic Doctor whose care blends conventional allopathic medical analysis with the wisdom of holistic medicine to give you the best possible outcomes. Her goal is to work with you to create recommendations that meet your needs so your quality of life can improve now.  Dr. Katie strongly believes in the integrative approach and loves working with other providers to optimize your care. As a Type 1 Diabetic she also understands the difficult (and sometimes frustrating!) balance that needs to take place when managing a chronic condition.  She especially loves helping clients dealing with diabetes, PCOS and other endocrine disorders to find their own balance.

After splitting time between practices in Blacksburg, Virginia and New York City, Dr. Katie has recently moved and is now practicing in Boulder, CO.   She enjoys biking, the mountains and spending time with her husband and two young daughters.

Dr. Katie, RND is currently accepting new clients in her Boulder office.  If you are a New York or Blacksburg, Virginia area client please contact our office to enquire about our virtual appointments. 
Email or call 540-230-6758