I hope that this newsletter finds all of you doing well and enjoying a happy and healthy start to 2014.


I am thrilled to report that 2014 is an exciting year for me and my husband Nick as we are expecting a baby! Babyholtz (as she is currently called in our house) is expected to arrive toward the end of April.  So far the pregnancy has gone smoothly, but being a pregnant type 1 diabetic is providing me with new challenges that are certainly keeping me on my toes.

I have always had pretty good blood sugar control (which is important since I work with many of you to do the same!) but there are plenty of times when it isn’t perfect and if you had asked me 1 year ago if I thought I could regulate my blood sugars as closely as I am doing now I would have told you “no way”. I would have told you that it would be impossible to keep the targets that I am now required to keep day in and day out now that I am pregnant.

Over the course of the past 6 months what I have come to realize is that what I thought was impossible has turned out to be quite possible. 

And, much to my family’s delight, I have not had to become a hermit who never eats with those around her to do it.  What I did have to do was suspend my own disbelief and try.  My message for the New Year is not that you make a resolution and stick to it (although if you love to do this then go ahead!). 

My hope for all of you in 2014 is that you don’t put unnecessary limitations on your own capabilities because you may very well be surprised at what you can do and at times, how much easier it is than you thought it could be.


Virginia Clients: The upcoming birth of “Babyholtz” does mean that my trips to Blacksburg will be stopping for a period of time.  My doctor has nicely ordered me not to travel after February so my last trip to Blacksburg will be February 8th-18th.

I’m making it a longer visit so that I can see as many clients as possible.  I plan to make my next trip to Blacksburg in July after the arrival of the baby.

In the meantime, I will be offering Skype and phone visits for clients in Blacksburg and would also be more than happy to suggest some other practitioners that are local to the New River Valley area.  There are not any other ND’s in the area but there are some fantastic chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and other medical providers who could be a great addition to your health care regimen and routine.  I also plan to return any email questions up until the birth and shortly after although there may be longer delays.

New York City Clients:  I will be seeing clients (barring any unforeseen issues) at my office up until the birth in the middle to end of April.  I will start seeing clients in person again in July at my New York office.

Concerned that these newsletters might be stopping due to “Babyholtz”?  Don’t be!  These newsletters will continue and you will still be able to access me via phone, email and Skype.

You can also always email my wonderful assistant Laurie at scheduledrkatie@gmail.com for scheduling or supplement questions.

Embracing 2014,

Dr. Katie