I hope that you are all well! I know <<face red>> it has been some time since I last wrote to you but I haven’t forgotten and am incredibly thankful for all of you this Holiday season.

On April 30th we welcomed Avery Rose Reinholtz to our family and she has been rocking our world ever since. She is almost 7 months old now, babbling up a storm and learning to crawl, which means this Thanksgiving break will be spent baby proofing.

Shortly after Avery was born, my husband was offered a 2-year position in Boulder, CO that would start the beginning of September. We decided that it would be a good move for our family so he accepted the offer and we moved to Boulder at the end of August. We have been adjusting to (and enjoying) life here ever since. Before I left the east coast, I managed to see as many clients as possible in Virginia and New York. Since then I have struggled with how to continue the practices that I loved with the realities of a new baby and a new geographical hurdle.

For the time being, I have decided to transition my practice to be primarily online and will continue to work via Skype, phone, or Facetime with clients. I am planning a visit to Virginia this spring or summer and will be available to see you then. I will make sure to notify you when I have firm dates.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Katie